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Attract Women With Seduction Secrets That Break The Rules

In your quest to learn how to attract women you’re probably drowning in a sea information that’s leaving you deeply confused.

Let’s face it, you have friends and family freely passing on their own unique advice on what works. The Internet is littered with all sorts of conflicting information that can drive the average guy crazy.

So it goes without saying, it’s really up to you to decide which piece of advice will work best for your unique circumstances. Yet, there are many self-proclaimed experts who advise you operate by set arbitrary relationship rules.

But these rules tend to make clueless guys even more narrow-minded than ever. While I get where these rules are coming from in theory that certain regulations safely keep you from being rejected, getting dumped or whatever but real life doesn’t work like that.

Always allow yourself the option to “go with the flow” because it opens up more exciting opportunities. You can more easily read women and respond effectively without any silly rules forcing your every move like a robot.

For example, counting an exact number of days before calling ANY woman is just plain dumb. Okay, you never want to look NEEDY but don’t you think the level of attraction will vary from woman to woman?

Adaptability, creativity and RESPECT towards women will lead the way into the bedroom! But first you have to break free from:

  • Having a woman’s approval be your sole purpose for living. Longing for validation from someone outside of you is NOT attractive.
  • Being DESPERATE to be in a relationship. It’s a sure way to scare her off, quickly.
  • Stressing over approaching a woman. You severely destroy your chances if you hover over her acting all jumpy and jittery.
  • Pretending to be a man who oozes with HIGH VALUE instead of actually becoming one.
  • Not building the self-confidence that is naturally living within you to attract women.

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